Frequently Asked Questions
What is Recog.Global?

Recog.Global is an advanced cryptocurrency investment platform created by Recog Global LTD with the purpose of introducing new public clients to the Recog portfolio. Recog is managed by a large group of finance industry specialists who utilize manual strategies and automated trading algorithms to be able to offer a competitive investment opportunity within the fund management sector.

Recog Global LTD was founded by a strong and powerful collective of professionals from the financial sector who have recently adopted cryptocurrency as their primary portfolio and trading focus. While the collective team created the platform and works together the grow the portfolio, Recog Global LTD is currently directed and managed by Tyler Robertson from the London headquarters.

Recog Global LTD and the Recog Global platform does not store any personal information of clients and will never ask for it. To enforce this, the platform only requires a username and password to signup and gain full-access. In terms of fund security and website uptime, the platform is guarded by state-of-the-art DDoS protection, SSL security and multiple server points to ensure maximum uptime. Funds are stored in cold (offline) storage when not in use, and exchange accounts with multiple factors of security are used for trading to ensure no loss of funds is possible. Recog could be considered bulletproof.

The Recog Global LTD team have over 30 cumulative years of experience in the financial trading sector. Using manual strategies and automated trading algorithms, the team is able to take advantage of most profitable opportunities on the market and thus provide consistent returns to investors while additionally growing the overall portfolio of the company. The ROI will never change while the investment is ongoing. Once a plan is selected, the promised return and terms are final.

To make an investment, firstly follow the simple signup form on the homepage to create an account. Once your account is registered, you will be automatically logged in. Once you are logged in, visit the Invest page to start creating your first investment. From here you can choose an investment plan, select a currency, save where you would like to be paid and create your investment. Please ensure that you follow the minimum/maximum limits to ensure that your deposit is received instantly by the automated system without issues.

Most deposits are added to the public (Transactions) and personal (Dashboard > Transactions) tables within 2 minutes of being detected by the system. Please wait until the system detects your deposit before leaving the invest page to prevent issues. If you have sent below the minimum or above the maximum investment, the investment may not be detected. In the event of an undetected deposit, use the support page to receive help from a representative. If instructions are followed correctly, your investment should be detected automatically without issues.

You can make as many investments as you wish, as long as they are always within the limits of the minimum and maximum.

All returns are automatically sent to the cryptocurrency wallet saved in step 2 of the investment process. This wallet can be edited in the Transactions section of the Dashboard area, only after enabling 2FA in the Account section. Investors will receive the ROI of their selected plan automatically to the saved wallet until the duration of the plan is over.

Affiliates receive 6.18% instantly each time their referrals receive ROI payments. For example, if your referral invests $1,000 USD into the 3.09% plan, they will receive $30.9 USD per day and $1,000 USD on day 20, totalling to $1,618 USD. This means the upline will receive $1.91 USD per day until day 20, and on day 20 receive an additional $61.8. The upline will have received a total of $99.99 USD in commissions after the referrals investment is completed after 20 days. This affiliate system adds further sustainability to the Recog platform and turns out more profitable for affiliates than traditional systems in the long term.

Affiliates can use the Affiliate area to save commission payment wallets for automatic commission withdrawals, track all referrals, track all commission payments and find promotional material to assist their efforts.

No, this is against the Recog terms of use. Violating the terms of use will subject you to the risk of account closure.

Members of our platform can use our support ticket system to talk to a representative as soon as possible. Guests who have not yet registered may reach out to us via email by using the contact form.